It has been a good week here at IO, we have hired artists, received some new art, and started polishing up the core rules.

5 new artists hired and the art is coming along nicely. We should be ready to go by the end of September at this rate. The full PDF of the final book will be done by the end of October, and should be available on schedule in November.

As for the core rules, more depth and polish will be added as you asked for in the weeks leading up to our Kickstarter. We will also be including a make your own species rule set, a make your own planet rule set, and a make your own empire rule set to help home brewers.

The current plan for future PDF availability goes as follows; A limited PDF that is adequate for a player up to level 5 will be included for free download on the site. A imageless PDF suitable for players up to level 20 will be sold for $10, and a complete PDF with images and the make your own species rules will be sold for $15. A GM’s PDF without images will be sold for $15 and include a random enemy generator and the create your own species rules, the complete GM’s PDF with images, a list of example enemies,¬†and the make your own planet and empire rules will be $20.

We have decided to try and go for published books, paperbacks and hardbacks. We need $4,000 minimum to pursue this though, so in the last weeks of October we will be holding another Kickstarter with that as our goal. We are working on stretch goals and videos currently. We want to do it right this time. More on this in the coming weeks.

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