Hello Outer Edge fans! This week the Infinite Odyssey team has been hard at work improving the game and adding so many new details, working towards our goal of making Outer Edge the most immersive gaming experience in the pen and paper genre!

One of the main focuses this week has been developing the ship combat system. Dozens of hours have spent giving this experience realism. Get ready to take your fight to the final frontier!

This week also saw over 20 new additions to the items list! We have everything you ever wanted for your galactic adventures.

The Gremlins page is going live this week. Gremlins are a small 6 legged creature that has infested almost every ship and planet across the known galaxy. They are roughly the size of domestic cats, but are far more intelligent, being able to operate guns and basic tools. They are a pest and the bane of every space traveller.

We are working hard on Cursed space and making the Cursed into a playable species. The cursed are 100% female, and use in vitro to keep the violent male aspect of their species in check.

The image above is our new look for the Aunko. We’ve made them more biologically accurate for a reptilian species.

That’s all for this week! keep checking for our weekly updates and great new content!

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