Our Kickstarter made over $1,400! We are very close to our art goal for a decked out PDF at $1,700. If we make it to $2,000 we can and will send a gremlin comic along with every PDF!

In other news we got a lot accomplished this week including amazing new art, and a completed example mission, Lost Convoy, up on our wiki. Check out Duran Campaign missions for more info on that.

The ammo beta is now live as well, power cores and batteries will follow this week and next. Keep your eyes open for new Items to hit the items list, we hope to get as many as 20 new items up this week and a few new abilities.

Also a little teaser here, the Gremlins, a species of 6 limbed semi intelligent pests are coming soon. No one knows where these little buggers came from, but they can be found on almost every ship and station in the game. Be careful though, if the infestation is left unchecked for too long they can try and take your ship from you.

The attached picture is our new look for the Palmon, hope you guys enjoy.

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