Hello again! We have a lot of additions coming this week. Tomorrow new hacker abilities and a full ammo list will be available on our wiki. We also have new items, drones mostly, and a time line that will be going live this week. But the big news is our Kickstarter!

A week left and we have over $1,300.00 and that will get us a lot of art, we need $1,600.00 to get our full wish list for the PDF that will be released this November to everyone. Keep in mind if we get to $3,000.00 everyone that donates $50.00 or more will receive a full copy of our Anyang Campaign book as soon as it is ready in May 2017.

Keep a loot out for an interview with our game’s creator and a guest spot by our youngest writer on the Metalnerdz podcast this Friday.

We will be posting more updates on Facebook.com as things go live!

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