So we launched yesterday and we received some solid feedback. We will be changing a part of our character creation system, and adding more detail to our species descriptions.

An user gave us the amazing idea to get rid of negatives entirely. Over the next week we will be slowly phasing out all negatives in our rules set. B.A.S.I.C.S. scores will now be the same as their modifiers, and all SC’s in the game will be increased by 5 to compensate. We will also no longer have negatives to rolls, only changes to the SC of rolls. This should simplify the entire game and make the game faster to both learn and play.

As far as the species, pointed out our descriptions where too short that is our fault. We had thought that players who read the lore would understand more about the species and thus get an idea of where they want their characters to be from, and who they want them to be, but now realize that that information too was inadequate. We will be adding information to the species description as well as the lore pages so that players can get a more in depth idea of the characters they are playing.

Humans will also be changing, they will be getting bonuses just like the other races. It was our fault for not correcting that, both DnD and Pathfinder use the system we have now, but we won’t be falling in with them, humans in our setting will be just like everyone else.

We will have all these changes up and start a thread in both /tg/ boards again to get more feedback. Thank you to everyone that posted suggestions, we loved that back and forth. Hopefully we keep this going for the next few months until this game is all it can be.

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